Luminous 12V-RC 15000, 120AH Tubular Battery

• Brand: Luminous
• Battery Type: Tubular
• Battery Capacity AH (C20): 120
• Warranty: 36 Months Manufacturing Warranty,

where 1st 18 Months are Replacement warranty and last 18 Months are Pro-Rata Discount Warranty • All the warranty claims to be settled by Manufacturing company only
• Dimensions (L*W*H): 520mm* 230mm* 315mm (+/-3mm)
• Designed for deep-cycling capabilities
• Electrolyte level indicators help easy identification for timely water top-up
• High-quality polypropylene containers have excellent resistance against impact and abrasion
• Vent plugs trap escaping vapor and gases reducing evaporation of water



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Product Description

RECHARGE TUBULAR BATTERIES: • Low antimony alloy used – very low maintenance
• Robust Tubular plates provide many years of service
• Excellent overcharge tolerance (Accepts very deep discharge-suitable for long power cuts)


  • Tubular Technology battery – Robust Tubular plates
  • Suitable for areas with long and frequent power cuts
  • Value for money, longer life and less maintenance
  • High Durability with sealed plastic housing.
  • “Warranty: If you face any technical glitch during the warranty period, please call Luminous customer care center number. A service engineer will visit customer’s house and provide service free of cost.
    Luminous service Center number – 1860 500 3939.
    If any part needs to be replaced, the same would be replaced free of cost.
    Warranty of products starts for the date of sale/ date of installation whichever is later.”