Emerson/Vertiv 3 kVA-72V online UPS (GXT MT+ CX 3 kVA)

  • Brand: Vertiv, Formerly Emerson Network Power)
  • Model & Series: Liebert GXT MT+ CX 3 kVA
  • Phase: 1 Phase in / 1 Phase out
  • Type: Online UPS
  • Rating in VA: 3000VA
  • Ratings in Watts: 2400 Watts
  • Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
  • Battery Module: External Battery Module
  • No’s of Battery required: 6 No’s
  • Battery Type Required: SMF-VRLA
  • DC Voltage: 72V
  • Technology: Micro Processor Control
  • Warranty: 12 Months
  • Dimension (D*W*H)in mm: 421*190*318 in mm
  • Weight in Kgs (approx):4 Kgs
  • Battery is not included in this purchase


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Product Description

Liebert® GXT MT+ CXTM is a sleek, high frequency, double-conversion UPS with wide input voltage/frequency and better output voltage regulation, which makes it an ideal choice for harsh environments, especially those facing concerns related to unstable mains output and high load impact. This advanced UPS provides higher availability while offering intelligent monitoring and network management functions.

The ultimate level of engineering and dynamics that have gone beyond the development of this next generation UPS make it a high performance system with proven reliability, giving you ultimate peace of mind.

The Liebert® GXT MT+ CXTM UPS facilitates reliable & uninterrupted power even in stringent conditions with integrated input power factor correction, low THDi, and advanced frequency regulation in a compact footprint.

Application areas

  • Data Network: Mid – range Servers (Windows and Linux), Wi-Fi Applications & Data networks
  • Small Data Center Rooms
  • Voice Networks: Cellular Sites, Voice Over IP (VOIP), Very small Aperture Terminals (VSAT) PBX And IT-enabled PBX Automation industries
  • Process Automation Equipment: Programmable Logic Controllers (PLS) and Cash Machines (ATM)


  • IGBT-based Rectifier
  • True on-line double-conversion efficiency (up to 90%) with DSP Control Technology for high Performance & reliability
  • Active Input Power Factor Correction 0.99; 0.9 Output Power Factor
  • Ultra-wide Input Voltage window: 280VAC; works well in harsh conditions and suitable for very poor quality power grid
  • Generator-compatible with a wide Input Frequency range (40Hz-70Hz)
  • Built-in 50/60 Hz automatic frequency converter and a configurable output voltage (200, 208, 220, 230, up to 240 Vac)