Luminous 1650/24V Eco Volt+ Sine Wave UPS with Luminous 12V-120AH Tubular Battery (2 No’s) and Battery Trolley

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Product Description

Luminous 1650 Eco Volt+ Sine Wave UPS (24V)

  • Best Suitable for a 3 BHK Flat
  • Model : Eco Volt+ 1650
  • Inverter Type: Pure Sine Wave
  • Capacity: 1500VA
  • Output Power:  1260 W
  • Batteries Supported (12V): 2
  • System Voltage (DC) : 24V
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Backup for 600 Watts: 180 Min Approx.


  • Sine Wave Inverter
  • Capacity – 1500 VA, Rated Power – 1260 W
  • Supports Double battery
  • 24 Month Warranty
  • Safe for sensitive appliances with Sinewave out-put.
  • Three Stage Charging for safe & efficient charging and longer battery life. 4-step battery type selection.
  • Equipped with overload protection with auto reset
  • Intelligent water level indicator to help track battery water level without any hassle.
  • Specially designed for Indian power conditions with rugged technology design for high performance and longer back-up time.
  • Supports the ECO Mode (180V to 260V) for the safety of sensitive appliances & UPS mode (extended voltage range) for reduced battery usage.
  • Noiseless Operations with the help of low harmonic distortion
  • Supports wide battery range, i.e. Flat Plate, Tubular & VRLA (SMF)

Luminous 12V-120AH Tubular Battery (RC15000)

  • Brand: Luminous
  • Battery Type: Tubular
  • Battery Capacity AH: 120AH
  • Battery Model: RC15000
  • Warranty: 36 Months (18F+18P)
    *F = Free of Cost Replacement *P = Pro-rata Warranty (Discounts will be applicable upon the MRP of New Battery Purchase. For More details, please refer Warranty Card
  • Dimensions (L*W*H): 505* 220* 308 (+/-3mm)
  • Easy maintenance with level indicators.

Luminous Recharge series of tubular batteries are manufactured with highly reliable tubular-plate technology which enables batteries to deliver a larger amount of consistent power. They are engineered to deliver increased power and efficiency while maximizing battery life. The tubular-plate batteries perform better on heavy-duty applications. Even the maintenance required with these batteries is quite less. The batteries withstand long and frequent power cuts.


Key Features:

  • Low maintenance alloy used-very low maintenance
  • Robust Tubular plates provide many years of service
  • Excellent overcharge tolerance
  • Factory charged battery in ready to use condition
  • Easy maintenance with level indicators
  • Ideal for longer power cut areas
  • High durability with sealed plastic housing

Massimo Battery Trolley ( Flat Double)

Brand: Massimo

  • Suitable for Double Flat Tubular Battery or Short Tubular Batteries like RC 15000, IB1000, etc.
  • Ultra Durable – made from high-grade plastic material
  • Compatible with all types of Batteries and UPS
  • Easy to assemble